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We are supporting Earth Hour on Saturday 25th March between 8.30pm and 9.30pm at The Ship at Dunwich, The Wiveton Bell, and The Rupert Brooke in Grantchester. This a global initiative that aims to raise awareness of climate change and promote energy conservation.

This Earth Hour we will be turning out the lights and inviting guests to enjoy a candlelit dining experience, as we pay more attention to the impact our pub has

on our planet.

As well as the lights going out, guests at The Ship will be treated to canapes for our sustainable dairy supplier, Fen Farm Dairy. At The Wiveton Bell guests can try a sustainable dish and at The Rupert Brooke the team have created a special sustainable cocktail list.

Throughout the events we will be raising money for Wild East, a nature recovery and conservation organisation committed to rewilding East Anglia. 

Learning more about Wild East by clicking on the button below.

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