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As today is International Woman’s Day it’s the perfect time to shine a spotlight on some of the fabulous women across our collection of pubs. This year’s theme is Embrace Equity so we are celebrating with snippets of how our incredible ladies create opportunities in the environments they influence, both in and out of work.

Marcela, Head Chef at The Rupert Brooke

"I always wanted to become a chef, it definitely runs in the family as my sister became a chef and my Mum was always an amazing cook, so I grew up eating lots of South American food. I love my role at Chestnut as I thrive on creating and putting dishes together for my guests to enjoy.

Juggling a busy kitchen with my home life can sometimes be challenging, however I have a great team who I trust to run the business when I’m not here.

I am passionate about making the industry more accessible for women. There is sometimes a stigma that if you are woman, you can not do the same as the boys, I feel I have proven this isn’t the case. I have worked in different countries experiencing different cultures and cuisines and met some amazing people from all walks of life. We need to showcase that hospitality is a wonderful career path full of great opportunities for everyone, regardless if you are a male or female."

Nataliia, KP at The Feathers, Holt

"I have been working at The Feathers for nearly a year now and came to the UK to escape the war in The Ukraine. I used to run a busy supermarket, but am now enjoying a new challenge working in The Feathers Kitchen.

I am also a Mum to my beautiful daughter Veronika and brought her to the UK to ensure she had a safe environment to grow up in and continue with her schooling. My job allows me to provide security for my family, while having the flexibility of spending precious time with my daughter."

Chloe, Assistant Manager at The Weeping Willow

As as a busy Mum of three going to work is a bit like socialising for me – it is nice to feel like Chloe rather than just Mummy, and I’ve always enjoyed working in hospitality.

I feel that being super-organised at home is a must with the juggling of housework, homework, bath-times and dinner-times – and it definitely helps having a chef as a fiancé!

Nicole, General Manager The Crown Stoke by Nayland

"I have managed The Crown for 14 years now and thoroughly enjoy my leadership role. I work with lots of different characters and love them all like my family.

Working in hospitality is hugely rewarding, I always try and bring lots of positivity and energy each day but am always strict with my days off, to ensure I maintain a good work/life balance. There is never a dull day and lots of plates spinning, so I always have to be on my ‘A game’ to ensure that no balls are dropped!"

Lily, ESG Executive, Chestnut

"I have always been a passionate feminist, getting a girl power tattoo on my 18th birthday and participating in many protests for women’s rights. I am particularly interested in how women are most affected by climate change and knew I wanted to carve a career that could make positive difference.

Alongside my Masters degree I worked at The Weeping Willow and totally loved working in hospitality.

When an opportunity came up to combine my passion for the environment and my experience in hospitality I was thrilled. Chestnut were keen to have someone entirely focused on the sustainability initiatives and I found myself juggling a Masters Dissertation about the Climate Emergency and a new job! Working and studying is not easy but it felt like a huge privilege to have academic and work opportunities that were both utter passion projects. Especially when so many women are still denied access to education and fulfilling careers. This spurs me on to make the most of my opportunities and never say no to a challenge!"

For the ladies with their boundless energy front of house, those cooking up a storm in the kitchens, to the finance queens and amazing ladies in our central reservations team today we celebrate an industry that's diverse, equitable and inclusive, where women are given equal opportunities - let's raise a glass to that!


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