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How we communicate with our guests, social followers and you, our blog readers, is a huge part of our day-to-day activity. Our marketing and social media is the culmination of a team effort, working alongside professional photographers and videographers who help to create content, to general managers and their front of house staff who help to capture daily goings-on. Then there's us, the marketing team (hi!) who structure the year ahead to make sure we are giving you the best and most relevant information regarding our properties.

An integral member of our team is our Marketing Executive, Joanna, or more commonly known as Jo :) Jo manages our Chestnut social platforms and website, and is always planning ahead with our various sites and team members to obtain new imagery and info on upcoming events. Crackling fires, gravy-soaked Yorkshire puddings, twinkling tipi fairy lights and crisp bedsheets - all bought to your screens by Jo who is busy collating and creating content throughout the year!

Our 'Growing with Chestnut' spotlight is pointed firmly at Jo today, and we cannot wait to see how she continues to develop and grow within the team. Hear more from Jo in the video below, shot by Vikki from Wild Bloom Productions.

The Weeping Willow, Winter Tipi shoot

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