Charlotte Smith-Jarvis speaks to the new team at the White Horse for the East Anglian Daily Times

July 3, 2016


There are three types of chef (in my opinion). There’s the line cook. The one who’s heart isn’t really in it. Microwaving pre-packed portions of hunter’s chicken. Scooping up French fries. Then there’s the star chaser. The chef who’s all about precision, clean lines and looks – sometimes, dare I say it, at the cost of the food having any soul.


And then, finally, there’s the real chef. A cook who wears spits of fat on their shirt sleeves and flour on their bottom.


It was clear to see last week, 
when I met the new head chef at the Easton White Horse, that he is the latter. As I arrived, Dom Clarke was red in the face from running around chasing (though not literally you’ll understand) Will Johnston of Hamish Johnston cheeses. You see, having only been in Suffolk for a few weeks, he’s frantically trying 
to make contacts.


With Dom, a Manchester lad 
who’s made ripples on the food scene around Cumbria, was pub manager Stuart Hansord – a beaming advocate for the business, now under the management of Chestnut Inns (owner of The Packhorse Inn in Moulton).


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