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We are turning over a new leaf at Chestnut by more actively considering the environmental impact of every part of our business practice.


Simplicity is at the heart of what we do and we see sustainability as an opportunity to scale back and simplify our practices while doing good for our local environment. We want to celebrate the small but significant steps we can take to reduce waste and energy consumption.


As part of Chestnut’s Climate Commitment we pledge to consistently review our operational practices to identify more sustainable methods and our supply chain to ensure our values of environmental consciousness and sustainability are mirrored by our suppliers.


We're committed to promoting a culture of caring and consciousness.


We recycle all of our used cooking oil – that’s over 21,000 litres a year!

 Our menus have and always will be centred around the best local and seasonal produce

our region has to offer.

Our chefs are exceptional at minimising food waste through innovative tricks such as

turning cabbage leaves into kimchi

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We are saving 92,100 virgin glass bottles by transitioning away from single-use bottled water in our rooms.


We use Bramley refillable toiletries in both our pub and guest bathrooms.


We are transitioning to LED bulbs across all of our pubs to reduce our overall energy consumption

Our payment system is totally paperless – saving lots of receipts that cannot be recycled!

We will be conducting annual energy and waste audits at all pubs with a comprehensive report to be published end of fiscal year.


Our pubs have a core drinks list of truly sustainable spirits and local favourites.

Our environment is really important to us and so is a relaxing wind-down drink. With our partnership with Sapling as our house pour of gin and vodka and Edmunds cocktails we have planted over 9000 trees!

We are organising and hosting regular climate action events such as our annual Beach Cleans, our first Earth Hour celebration and Bee Hotel Workshops.


To read more about our past projects, new initiatives and upcoming events click on the button below.

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