Inspired by the incredible work of frontline NHS and care workers, our team at Chestnut want to say thank you and help support this vital effort.

We are delighted to say that thanks to the generosity and good will of our communities and local businesses, we have raised enough funds to provide 10,000 free meals to frontline NHS and care workers in our region.

Since launching the Giving Tree on 15th April, in just 12 days we have donated over 1,000 free meals to Hospitals, Care Homes and Communities in need. We are now delivering meals on a regular basis across our region – with demand increasing daily.

To meet this demand our team members from across our inns, pubs and restaurants, are volunteering their time and talents to the Giving Tree. 

Hear about the Giving Tree journey so far from Philip Turner in an interview with Nicki Bannerman. 


Funded entirely by the good-will of  local businesses and communities the ‘Giving Tree’, a not-for-profit initiative is a newly established branch of Chestnut dedicated entirely to supporting our those in need.

Having reached our initial target to provide 10,000 free meals to frontline NHS and care workers, we now are aiming to double our efforts and provide 20,000 free meals for NHS and care workers on the frontline and communities in need, in our region.

Just £25 will fund 10 free and nutritious meals for people that need them the most.

We welcome all donations big or small to help us fuel the frontline and reach communities in need. You can donate to the Chestnut Giving Tree via our GoFundMe campaign

“What you’re doing and your hard work makes a difference to me every shift and it’s helping morale too”

– Estelle

“Your efforts are a real tonic, very thoughtful

and very kind – thank you”

– John

“It’s the most lovely gesture, thank you” – Ricki


Our team at Chestnut have risen to the challenge; our Chefs have volunteered to cook the nutritious food to fuel the frontline and provide hot meals to those most in need, while the management and administration teams are donating their time to ensure that everything can be delivered safely and meets health and hygiene standards.


Social distancing is of paramount importance, so we will be managing a rotation scheme to ensure all involved stay safe and well.


Our free meals initiative is operated entirely by volunteers and is not-for-profit - every pound will be spent providing fresh meals and supplies to our frontline teams and those in need in East Anglia.

We are proud to say that our team spirit goes further than the nuts and bolts of our free meal initiative. Our team members have creatively designed and made colourful rainbow signs outside each of our properties,

to raise awareness for the Giving Tree and hopefully to raise a smile or two.

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Your donation will help us to buy local produce from our suppliers, which our experienced chefs can then turn into nutritious meals in our kitchens.

These will then be packaged and delivered directly to Hospitals, Care Homes and Communities in need, whilst adhering to social distancing advice at all times.

We are extremely grateful to be working alongside Food4Heroes, a national scheme, which will have delivered more than 60,000 meals to 12 Hospitals in England by the end of April. A success story we are incredibly pleased to be a part of.


We are extremely grateful to  Hopkins Homes, Birketts and Abbeygate Wealth Management for their generous donations to the Giving Tree, which gave us the vital funds we needed to launch the initiative.

If you are a business that would like to offer support, or to become a partner of the programme please contact Philip Turner;

07802 498855


Gifts in kind make our free meals for NHS and care workers in our region go even further!

Thank you to Suffolk Sweet Tomatoes, The Meatless Farm Company and Denham Estates for your gifts.


If you are a business that is can help us to support frontline workers  and people in need in our region we will, wherever possible, make use of your kind donations - please get in touch to discuss.


Producer, presenter and podcaster Nicki Bannerman talks to Chestnut founder and CEO Philip Turner. Find out about the Giving Tree journey so far and what the future holds.

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