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World Mental Health Awareness Week this year starts on 13th May. To mark the day we wanted to share some ideas and activities that have been shown to assist in aiding your wellbeing.

In the hospitality industry, we are used to working in fast paced environments, with highs and lows. However, as much as someone can get used to the environment which they are in, of course there are times when we all need to stop and reflect on ways in which we can help ourselves look after our mental wellbeing in our downtime. 


Have a little read below into 6 ways which can improve mental wellbeing and help you have a better day.



A trip to the coast is refreshing in so many ways. From long walks with your four-legged friend to paddling in the sea, but have you considered yoga on the beach? Katherine Brookhouse, Nutritional Therapist, hosts regular yoga sessions on the shingle beach at Dunwich. Join her on a Sunday morning to experience the sun, sea and sand while letting your mind reset from any worries and pressures for the coming week.


 Be sure to pop by for a spot of breakfast at The Ship beforehand.



Why not brave a dip in the sea; nothing quite refreshes the mind like an icy dip at dawn or dusk. A highlight is that it activates endorphins (the chemical that makes us feel good) as well as boosting your immune system and improving circulation. A wonderful way to wash away any worries or concerns which may be bubbling over in your mind.


Read our previous blog on Cold Water Swimming Spots to find the best spots in the region.



Whether you're going through heartache and could do with a drink with 'the girls' or you've missed your family since moving away, there's never a bad time to reach out to your crew for a shoulder to lean on. Hop on a phone call, write that email or simply pop down to your local.

If you've been waiting for a friend to reach out, know that they're probably doing the same, so take the first step!



With a second May bank holiday weekend fast approaching and the weather looking promising (fingers crossed it continues) we have created a guide of activities in the region. Be sure to get outside and breathe in the fresh air, whether that's up at the crack of dawn at Oxburgh Hall to hear the dawn chorus or heading for a day out at Huntingdon Racecourse.



A good way to refresh is by pressing pause for a little bit!

It is recommended that you should have 6-9 hours sleep per night to allow your body and brain to recover, so why not extend the weekend a little bit and join us for a restful night away in the country or by the coast. Our Spring Break Offer allows you to enjoy a third off the price of your stay when you book for more than two nights on our Bed & Breakfast rate until June. To check bedroom availability, click here.



Now that the lighter and warmer days are here, why not explore some of our woodland and coastal walks around our properties, finishing with a refreshing drink in the garden or on the patio. Not only are regular walks good for your health, it helps to encourage time spent with others, and being outside.


We have walking maps that are suitable for you and your four-legged friend, so be sure to download a PDF or pick up a copy from the bar. Take a look here.


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