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HOSPITALITY 'the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.'

There's nothing better than knowing you have put a smile on someone's face by offering them the chance to talk to someone across the bar with an ice cold beer in hand, bringing families together for a special birthday, or perhaps providing a comfortable space for someone to rest their head after a long day's exploring.

In this industry, there can be some amazing highs, from friendships forged to exciting opportunities. Of course, it can also bring with it some challenges, however these moments provide experience, a sense of achievement and skills that will help you throughout career.

Whether you prefer to stay behind-the-scenes or are happier to be front of house and liaising with guests, we have job openings across the region in the kitchens, restaurants and with our house-keeping teams. Take a look and see if your next chapter could begin with Chestnut.

Find out more about our current opportunities by clicking here.

We are excited to be attending some local job fairs this spring too so if you are visiting, please make sure you come by and say hi 😊 We would be happy to speak with you about any opportunities with us and answer any questions. You can find us at the following fairs (all events are free of charge but you will need to register):

  • Norwich Jobs Fair - 20th April 2022 - Click HERE for info and tickets


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