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We have kicked off 2023 with a keen commitment to sustainability and the new willow lodges are a manifestation of this. Our 7 new steel framed, timber panelled eco-friendly lodges are officially open to overnight guests from Friday 26th May.


We chose construction company Mbloc for their construction methods that have less impact on the surrounding environment while encouraging and supporting biodiversity. Mbloc are a local, family business and have achieved carbon neutral operations by offsetting and sponsoring British reforestation initiatives. By eliminating the need for concrete in the building of these lodges, Mbloc’s signature style reduces the amount of carbon embedded in the building’s materials by over 70%. The lodges run more efficiently and require less heating and cooling to retain their temperature, further reducing the carbon output.


Inside the lodges we have also taken steps to ensure a more sustainable stay for our guests. We have moved away from single-use glass bottles of water due to the energy and resource-intensive process of production. This small change – from bottled water to reusable carafes – will save over 5000 virgin glass bottles from production each year We are in the process of making this transition group wide too!

The wood-fired hot tubs are a special addition and guests can relax in them guilt-free knowing they are powered by wood and maintain their heat 6x longer than electrically powered tubs.

We are in the process of totally revitalising our veg patches and growing our own herbs so that we can supplement our produce and reduce the amount of plastic we bring into our kitchen.


At Chestnut we are committed to growing with consciousness and ensuring our pubs have a positive impact on our local environment. We can make a bigger difference together, so if you have any ideas for how we can make our stays more sustainable please contact

Lily, our Environmental Social Governance Executive, hopes that in time we will adopt more sustainable solutions on a day-to-day basis in our pubs. Such as, trialling paperless menus and investing in electric vehicle charging points in our carparks. In the meantime, we invite you to come and stay in our new lodges, so take a look here and check availability.


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