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World Mental Health Day this year falls on Monday the 10th of October. To mark the day we wanted to share some habits and small changes that have been shown to assist in aiding your wellbeing.

In the hospitality industry, we hold our hands up to working in fast pace environments, with high highs and low lows. A fact that demands we strive every day to provide a supportive and positive place to work. Things like our Employee Assistance Programme, our Chestnut Hub and team bonding events, are some of the ways we take care of each other. Of course, there are many other things that we can do to help us look after ourselves in our downtime

Have a read of our 6 Ways To Wellbeing to help you have a better day. Month. Year!


A trip to the coast has been found to improve sleep and mental wellbeing, boost your immune system, and increase serotonin. So, why not brave a dip in the sea! There are many benefits to taking a cold-water swim. One of the highlights is that it activates endorphins (the chemical that make us feel good). Additionally, boosting your immune system and improving your circulation.

We have a few coastal pubs and inns, all less than fifteen minutes from the sea if you need to warm your toes by the fire and enjoy a hot drink after you take the plunge.




Tug on your walking boots and go for a ramble against the backdrop of the changing colours of Autumn.

From improving your mental health to increasing life expectancy, the benefits of being more active are numerous, with evidence to show that getting at least two and a half hours of moderate exercise per week can help reduce the risk of heart disease and a stroke.

Now, going on a run isn’t to everyone’s liking, but taking your furry friend out on a meandering walk amongst the fields and hedgerow is much gentler and still counts towards a more active lifestyle. That's why our team is always on-hand to suggest a good walk when you're staying with us.

Our Autumn walks include the Studland Stomp, where you weave between paddocks, finishing in woodland; A round route, Riverside Ramble, through the Suffolk countryside that leads you along the River Box; And The Wellington Boot Wander, taking you through beautiful fen land in the Cambridgeshire countryside.


According to the American Dietetic Association, people tend to either eat too much or too little when depressed or under stress. Late nights finishing projects at work or finishing a busy Saturday service in the kitchen, only allowing enough time to grab some sugary snacks, or worse, you miss eating altogether. In either case, these diets just make you feel even worse.

To boost your mental health, and not suffer these moments of not knowing what or when to eat, focus on packing plenty of fruits and vegetables in a Tupperware tub for a quick snack. Add in some nuts too for extra fibre, vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids, all assisting in lowering cholesterol and improving blood vessel health.

At Chestnut, we take great pride in our seasonal menus that are developed to take advantage of the provenance of the local area. From land, farm and sea, our locally sourced ingredients are all high quality and most importantly fresh - free from additives, preservatives and unprocessed.


It is recommended that you should have 6-9 hours of sleep per night to allow your body and brain to recover. And why should you compromise? You’ve been practicing cold-water swimming and going on a countryside trundle, so it’s time to kick off your shoes (or flippers) and settle down.

Our pubs with rooms offer a cosy place to rest your head after all your explorations. We also have Stay Packages available to make it even more pleasant, such as our Long Stay Offer by the coast with which you get three nights in a Good room with dinner each evening and breakfast included, from £464. Or, our Autumn Offer, with 15% off our bed and breakfast rate until 23rd November.

A night or two away might be just what you need to break those bad bedtime habits like midnight snacking, watching streaming services into the night and taking your mobile phone to bed with you!


There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve got a great book on the go for when you get in from a long day at work. You can arrive home, make a cup of tea, and snuggle on the sofa to finish that chapter where you find out all the secrets... and really escape and switch off from the daily stresses.

This month and next, we have the EA Festival touring some of our properties, with interesting talks from the likes of Lady Glenconner and Albert Read discussing their latest novels. If you’re needing some inspiration as to what to read next, join one of their talks to feel motivated.

On the other hand, creating a small book club with family or friends is a lovely way to discover books you wouldn’t have normally chosen yourself. For example, Jess our Social Media Executive was encouraged to read The Midnight Library by her father-in-law. It is a book about embracing life and being kind to the people in your own existence; a great read in response to World Mental Health Day.


When you’ve finished reading your new favourite book, or finished splashing around on Dunwich beach make time for your friends. Go for dinner, drinks or whatever takes your fancy. Too much time on your own can make you feel out of touch and it’s so important for your mental health to be around people.

Most importantly, there is always a bar stool or deep-seated armchair with your name on it at one of our pubs.

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