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With the opening of our lodges at The Weeping Willow fast approaching, we were keen to find out a little more about the inspiration behind the interiors from our designer, Lucy, before the seven individually styled lodges are unveiled.

Describe the lodges in four words.

Natural, relaxed, environmentally-conscious.

What’s been your biggest inspiration behind the Willow Lodges?

Nature was my main inspiration - we wanted to produce lodges that fit into the natural setting and provide a

different type of stay experience compared to traditional hotel rooms.

When you first received the design brief, where do you initially look for inspiration ?

I looked for natural materials and colours, that reflected the rural setting and the lodges cladding. We wanted to create a biophilic design, incorporating natural elements in the interior.

Do you have any favourite social media accounts to follow?

Instagram accounts -

@houseandgardenuk, @simshilditch, @glassette,, @farrowingball, @themodernhouse

How do the Willow Lodges compare to other projects for Chestnut?

This is the first time I have been involved from the conception of the idea to its end as well as being involved in the building, design and installation. They are also a very different concept, as they are individual rooms and hopefully feel like a little house, with a mix of study areas and bunk beds.

They will appeal to families, couples or individuals who are looking for their own oasis in the middle of the countryside.

Is there something you always look for in a room when booking a stay?

I think a good sized desk area is so important in a room so a guest is able to use it as they need - from a work station, dining table, coffee station or even card table.

Who would be your dream client and what type of space would you create for them?

I would love to design a wooden beach house (similar to the lodges but maybe a bit bigger!) over looking the sea at Thorpeness. Ideally for me !!

Which celebrity would you most like to check-in to a Willow Lodge?

Ed Sheeran - hopefully he would get inspiration for a new song by staying in the lodges and be able to jot down the lyrics at the large desk in his room!

Do you prefer to work with paint or wallpaper in a bedroom?

Definitely paint. If the colour is right, it provides the perfect backdrop for furniture, art, and curtains. It is timeless and much easier to maintain.

If you would like to find out more about our new lodges which are sympathetic to the landscape and as efficient as possible, you can read more and book a stay from the end of May, here.


Example interior photographs are credited to @houseandgardenuk, @simshilditch and @themodernhouse


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