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From chefs to central reservation, some of our us are attempting to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge on Saturday 20th May. The hike is 25 miles and includes 3 mountains being summited in under 12 hours!

We are raising money for Giving Tree in aid of Break who make a huge difference to the lives of children and young people living in or leaving care.

After seeing the completion of our Cycle Safari last October and the difference it made to the chosen charity, a few of us started thinking about other ways we could fundraise. One of our team members had heard of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge and never had the 'oomph' to try it but, knowing that they could get an enthusiastic team together, thought that now was the ideal opportunity!

Although some of the volunteers taking on the challenge have hiked before, few have ever completed a climb as high as 700m - which is roughly the height of each mountain - let alone summited multiple mountains in one day. "Why are we doing this?!", Lauren from our finance team says when I ask how she's feeling about it. We joke that we may need to pack a hipflask to help us through it. In reality though, we are going on monthly group walks and doing individual training.

From frosty winter mornings to sunnier spring days, we've been enjoying exploring the countryside around some of our pubs. It's also been lovely getting to know one-another outside of the office before we spend around twelve hours walking the peaks. The real struggle is finding any hills in East Anglia, though!


Break makes life better for children and young people on the edge of care, in care and leaving care. Working across East Anglia, the charity firmly believes that every child, no matter their start in life, deserves a bright future.

Whether that’s through therapeutic services, breaks away, providing a loving home or support with parenting, we are committed to supporting them through whatever life has in store.

Starting by building and earning trust, and then providing opportunities for young people to engage with, Break’s aim is to walk with those they support every step of the way to independence. And the support doesn’t stop there, a lifelong offer means the charity is there whenever and wherever they’re needed.


Every pound donated allows Break to enrich the services they provide children and young people and ensure lifelong support in the same way any parent would for their own children.

£50 helps contribute to therapeutic counselling for a child who has suffered trauma before being taken into care.

£150 would buy a selection of reading books and play therapy toys for our residential homes

£600 could pay for a residence for a young person

Break's young people are achieving incredible things and have bright futures ahead of them. By working together we can change lives.


In spring 2020, when we found ourselves in the grip of a pandemic, faced with a sink or swim situation - we chose to swim and created the Giving Tree. Our charitable organisation aims to help not-for-profit community projects in and around our East Anglian pubs.

Thanks to our incredible team and the goodwill and generosity of local businesses and guests, we have now achieved some incredible fundraising efforts. From the beginning of the pandemic when our chefs created free meals for NHS workers to more recently when some of our team members completed a Cycle Safari - 4 days, 15 pubs and over 500km of cycling - for Norfolk Community Foundation.

You can read more about the fundraising efforts here, but most importantly, what we have taken away from it all is that we want to continue to give back to our community.


Find out more about Break and their work here.

Some of the images used are courtesy of the Break website.


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